This morning we took a ride down the peninsula to the Cape of Good Hope. This is where the Atlantic and the Indian oceans meet – or so the folk lore goes. Reaching the Point and taking a group photo was another “full circle” moment for Joe and me,. (See “then” and “now” photos to be posted) Hard to believe it’s been ten years since that first photo was taken, and that all of those boys are now young men in college and beyond. What a ride it’s been. How quickly time flies when you’re making great music with young people and touring the world.
The ride down to the Cape is magnificent. I used to wonder how something so ugly as apartheid could have happened in such a beautiful place. I came to realize that it’s because the country is so rich in natural and mineral beauty that so much violence and discrimination has marred this land. People wanted to control it at any cost.

Link to pics in the set: Cape of Good Hope

We had an emotional goodbye with those leaving early. It’s always hard when the choir is split in two. This morning on the news, I saw two sports teams shaking hands after a game. I thought, why not? So we made two lines: those going home Tuesday and those going home Wednesday. It was a great way for everyone to have a chance to say good bye. Lots of hugs and tears.

Link to pics in the set: Goodbyes

More later…