Tuesday morning we began rehearsing our “10th Anniversary, Seven Continents Tour Medley,” arranged by Fitz especially for our B1K event. It’s going to be electrifying. We used the DBCS venue, which is a dream space – amphitheatre seating and built in choral risers. Fine acoustic. We ate our hearts out the whole time we were there. In the late morning “the Draakies,” as they are affectionately called, joined us for a rehearsal of Hope for Resolution and I Need You to Survive. Then we got an amazing invitation. The Draakies asked us to record “I Need You To Survive” with them that evening so that the song could be included in their upcoming CD. Of course we said yes.

Links to the set of pictures: First Day in Drakensberg

For lunch we went into to the nearby town of Winterton to the Waffle Hut. BIG HIT. Especially the chicken waffles and milkshake special. The boys sang for the wait staff and it was joyous. This tradition of singing for the wait staff wherever we go has become my and many others favorite part of tour. That’s because the wait staff, always black South Africans,always join in singing and dancing with us. Look for the pictures. It’s heartwarming every time it happens, and it happens every time, everywhere we go.

Later the boys split into two groups, either playing soccer with the Drakensberg boys (Drakies) or going for a hike.

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Links to the set of pictures: Hiking in Drakensberg

In the afternoon, we toured the school, played soccer with the Draakies (we only lost by one point), and some hiking, we had dinner at Dragon Peaks. South African cuisine is excellent, although our vegetarian boys are in the wrong country. Meat is a must at every meal. (Don’t worry vegetarian moms, they’re fine!) After dinner, we headed to the venue for our recording session. It went great and we think we have it “in the can,” as they say in the business. Recording requires a whole another level of focus and patience. It’s a valuable experience for the boys to have, as it prepares them for situations down the road in life where the pressure is on. The younger Draakies actually recorded the piece in their pajamas because it was past their bed-time. Now our boys want to sing in their sleep wear.

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