Saturday, July 16th was the boys' first full day in Kruger. They rehearsed and went on an evening safari. Below is what they had to say about what they saw, but here is the day in pictures:

Link to pictures in the set: Kruger Safari 1 & Rehearsals

On my first safari game drive, I saw…

…two zebras necking. I did fine them because there is no romance on tour.
Mr. Fisher

...a billion Malibu [uhm, Sean? wrong Chevy] , a lonely lion and it was so crazy Son and we saw the eyes of a supposed lepoard. I saw the big four so far!!!! Sean

…6 lions, a lot of elephants, 2 leopards, some buffalos and a lot of impalas. Erik

…the cutest hyena cubs nursing and nuzzling their mother on the side of the road. Alex K

…impalas, an angry elephant, and lioness walking down the middle of the road like a boss. Also Mr. Hoenig. Nic H

…a bonanza of elephant crossing the road. One of them trumpeted at us. Austin

…a hyena, a large group of elephants, 6 or 7 lions, the eyes of a leopard, a hippo, a rhino, a buffalo, a vulture, and A PLETHORA OF IMPALA. (Inspired by Austin) “Handy” Andy V

…a rabbit. Dr. Eli

…some Lions, impala, and elephants… Oh my! Joe Mar.

…not much other than a white rhino, and plenty of glowing eyes. Spencer Sebastian

…our guide said that us spotting a leopard in the middle of the street was very rare. KaRon

…all of the big 5 animals on the first day, (elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo) Jason L

…green eyes in the distance, yellow eyes in a tree and munching in the dark. ROAR Minchonator

…hyena, 7 lionesses, at least 20 elephants, leopard eyes and so many impala GRRR Sam R

…impala on the left… Impala on the right… Impala on the left… Impala on the right… Clay

…leopards, lions, and buffalo oh my! Colman

…accidentally getting in between a group of elephants and one of the babies…. The mama and another started to rear back and trumpet with their trunks. By then, we knew we were in trouble and decided to get the heck out of dodge before we got into a hairier situation… haha it was fun! Andrew S

…a huge bird was perched on top of a tall tree and was staring right at us. Max Ho.

…getting to hold the spotlight on the night ride, and spotting EVERYTHING.!!!! De’Vonte

…a male lion was trying to find its female partner to hunt, and we heard it growl.
Rawr Konstantin

…remembering how Fitz said we might not see any of the big 5. We saw at least 6 female lions. The best part was when we almost got rammed by an elephant. Nick T

… a Hyena nursing four Hyena pups about five feet away from the Jeep. Jack

…a group of 5 white rhinoceros standing less than 30 feet away from the jeep. James

…a group of impala across the street from two lions- Jeremy

… sooo many impala…and 5 lionesses on the prowl! Sam V

…a mother elephant and her baby. The mom almost charged at our jeep! Brett

…a lioness walking along the road. As we got closer, we saw that her fur was matted. Our tour guide said she was near death and looking for road kill. Mike Z

… a lioness taking a night time stroll on a road. Jesse

...a magic rabbit it was in the road and it took us to a magical place. Jelani

…a lioness walking down the road. Pedro

…all five of the big five, including the leopard. Josiah

… a female lion less than four feet away from the van. Noah S

… the same two lions three different times. Jason N

… three elephants, a mom and her two babys Matt M (Justin Beiber)

… two hyenas with three babies less than a yard away. Ethan W

… two hippos nudging each other. Adam S.

… all of the big five in the first day. Theo

… a VERY angry hippo. Zack

… a very angry elephant that almost charged us, so we quickly drove away. Lol Patrick

… cute little hyena pups that kept yipping. Hunter

…a lioness walking down the road. Max Hal.

…a leopard. Malcolm

… a large male leopard walking down the road. Joey Magg.

… an elephant and it almost charged us. Cole S

…impala on the left, impala on the right, on the left, on the right… Laurie H

…baboons with adorable babies riding on their backs! Kidder E

…me-------Elephant. End. Adam B.W.

…17 elephants. Simultaneously. Thomas F.

…two elephants were several feet from our van, and the driver told us that they could easily flip the jeep. Andrew Po.

…a family of four hippos swimming in the river. Thomas C.

…animals that didn’t look like they did in “The Lion King.” Jeffrey S.

…a charging elephant that wanted to flip the Jeep. Nicholas K.

…the beauty and power of nature. Sam P.

…an African Gray Heron—similar to the North American Blue Heron in shape and name. Torsten O.

…a Leopard disappearing into the brush. Ben H.

…the jackrabbit that wouldn’t get out of the way of our jeep for like 2 miles. Silly rabbit, roads are for cars! =P Dean B.

…the leopard that was watching me from a tree. Andrew Pi.

…a little gray bunny who stayed in the road in front of our car, and led us to a family of Rhinos. Isaiah P.

…monkeys fighting in the street with their little baby on their back. Mike P.

…15 elephants walking across the road and then eating branches on the trees. Deis

…nursing hyena mamma and her three squealing babies… loved when she got up to shake them off and one dangled for a few feet before she walked away. Mrs. O

…a kingfisher who posed for pictures while sitting on the railing of a bridge. Mrs. Case

...watching six hippos emerge from the grass to take a dip just after moonrise. Anne V

…a herd of elephants eating grass with little elephants too. Eric B

…seeing a hyena on the side of the road. Tai J

…seeing a lion walking next to us on the side of the road Noah G

…red eyes that everyone thought was a leopard but was, in fact, a bush baby. Josh B

…when an infant elephant came behind our open air vehicle, trumpeted, stomped and was almost about to charge us Tom K

…finding the hippopotamuses in the brushy grass. Nick V

… an orange moonrise so bright, we all thought it was the sun. Jimmy P.

…being surrounded by an entire herd of elephants. And the matriarch stopping in the middle of the road so our vehicle couldn’t move. Chris G

…seeing a baby baboon riding on its mother’s back was the highlight. It was hugging the mother and just watching our jeep. Alexis Paolini