I am about to leave my apartment in New York and head to JFK. I will be meeting Mrs. O and eight of our Grads there, and we'll depart at 11:15am for the the tip of the African continent. Exciting! We'll be participating in an Institute for township conductors and musicians, being led by former Temple University Director of Choral Activites (my teacher) and long time Mendelssohn Choir Director Alan Harler. Anne and I will do some teaching and the boys will sing in the Institute Choir. Once KSB arrives we'll help bring the two-week Institue to a rousing finish. It was be a remarkable experience for all.

Hard to believe this is my 16th trip. Feels like my first. Probably because it will be what I expect to be my last trip to South Africa. And seeing this beautiful, fascinating country through the eyes of the boys one more time is a great way for me to end this love affair with South Africa that began almost two decades ago.

I will be blogging and tweeting from here on in, so stay tuned.

Shosholoza! Hold the train that leaves for South Africa! I want to get on it!

And so we begin...